Is this small Michigan town getting a bad rap or is it just bad?

A report was recently released by 24/7 Wall Street regarding the worst cities in each state to live in.  As a person who was born and raised in Southwest Michigan, I have my own opinions on this matter.  However, 24/7 Wall St. crunched the numbers.  This website used data such as poverty rates, home value, household income, and drug deaths to determine the worst state to live in in each state.  Before we get into the eye-opening data that led to Beecher, Michigan taking this not-so-great honor, let's check out a few photos of the small Michigan town with less than 10,000 residents.

Is This the Worst Place to Live in Michigan?

A new study names the Flint suburb of Beecher, Michigan, as the worst place to live in the entire state.

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Worst City to Live in Michigan Metrics

  • The poverty rate is 32.4% compared to the state of Michigan average of 13.3%.
  • Median home value is a jaw-dropping $33,700 compared to Michigan's median of $172,100.
  • The median household income in Beecher is $33,105 while the state of Michigan is nearly double that, $63,202.
  • Drug-induced mortality is a shocking 47.7 deaths per 100,000 compared to the state of Michigan's 28.9 per 100,000.
  • Total population of Beecher, Michigan (2020 estimate): 9,168

What do you think?  Did this website get it correct?  Is there a Michigan city more deserving of this title?

The worst cities to live in by Midwest State

  • Illinois: Cahokia
  • Indiana: Lake Station
  • Iowa: Denison
  • Kansas: Augusta
  • Michigan: Beecher
  • Minnesota: Cambridge
  • Missouri: Troy
  • Nebraska: Lexington
  • North Dakota: Dickinson
  • Ohio: East Liverpool
  • South Dakota: Huron
  • Wisconsin: Two Rivers

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