Now that "No Mow May" is over with, and we are into the summer seasons, it’s important to keep your yard looking as sharp as possible. Granted not everybody can spare the time to be out there every single week making sure the grass stays super short and clean, but it’s important to at least Have decent upkeep so that your yard doesn’t look like it’s completely abandoned.

With that being said it’s important to know how tall your grass is allowed to grow before you can get in trouble with the city. So how tall is the grass allowed to grow for the state of Ohio?

Many residents may want to check their local Township or city website to get proper numbers, but the consensus is that 7 to 8 inches is the maximum height your grass is allowed to grow before you can get penalized, as the city of Clayton, Ohio’s website explains:

Grass is permitted up to 8" in height.  Once the grass exceeds 8" the City will cite the violation on the property by posting a sign.  If the grass is not cut within five days of the citation. The City will then cut the grass and bill the property owner.  If the bill is not paid within 10-days the bill will be assessed to property taxes.

So with that in mind, it may do you good to get out this weekend and knock out those lawn-keeping chores so you don't get slapped with a fine. Hopefully, you kept your mower in the garage and not the yard.

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