Although I have been to my fair share of funerals in my life and have visited a number of graves, headstones always seem to be in great condition. No matter what kind of weather we get in Michigan they stay shining bright, sharing a story with those who still live.

As I get older, I'm starting to realize that everything is a job, like literally everything. So I'm not sure why it didn't dawn on me before today, but someone has to clean the headstones and that's why they look so good. Granted this may have been a hired position in the past but now I feel this is more of an odd-end, niche kind of job.

While scrolling on Reddit I ran across a post of a man promoting his niche business within the Kalamazoo area sparking my interest. One Reddit User (TheDoctorsBatleth) posted looking for work.

Riley Lamb is the man behind the profile, and he was very concise and to the point, and didn't seem to be pandering to Reddit users trying to get more business. It seemed more so like a post made from love, explaining how he felt down seeing the unattended headstones of many people's loved ones.

Now many might be thinking "well, why doesn't he just clean some of them out of the goodness of his heart?" One word, Money. His supplies, gas, and time still costs money, and he still has to live a normal life. He doesn't charge an obscene rate, but he does need to at least be able to afford more cleaning materials.

Another thing that slipped my mind was the possibility that some people may choose to clean their own loved one's headstones because it's cheaper, out of respect, or a multitude of other reasons. Either way, there are multiple ways you can clean a headstone and Riley is just one of them.

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