As we all know, putting ourselves out there and beginning to date is an interesting process; once you get your legs under you, it can become easier. Well, on that same token, it can become harder when you have been hurt or have to deal with problems within the relationship. Some problems can be easily solved between the two parties while others cause more significant issues, leading to crazy events.

One of the things that can really drive two people apart and cause some animosity is adding a third person to the equation without first clearing with your partner. It causes heartbroken feelings, feelings of betrayal, and anger, which often lead to unfortunate events taking place. This Kalamazoo trio is only the latest to be caught in these antics.

It's one thing to get into an altercation while in public or at your home because, for the most part, just those who are in the near vicinity are involved. Most of the time this kind of issue is resolved in someone's home or while they run into the third party while out and about, but to take this problem to the interstate is just WILD.

One Kalamazoo woman decided she wasn't done with her ex-boyfriend even though he had already moved on. He was able to find another girlfriend post break up and had presumably been living well, until this weekend. While traveling with his girlfriend on I-94 they would be chased by his ex-girlfriend.

There isn't much information out now about why this happened but we can all agree that feelings were involved. What we do know at this time is that she followed them from Kalamazoo to Romulus before Michigan State Police were able to make a traffic stop and arrest the 27-year-old ex-girlfriend. Police also found a bullet hole in the bumper of the couple's car and a handgun during their traffic stop. 

I don't know about you but I don't think any one person could make me want to follow someone going 80+ MPH on the interstate and fire shots at them. I'm interested to find out what the rest of the facts of this case are and if any of us will agree with the ex-girlfriend. What are your initial thoughts on this?

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