Kalamazoo is a growing city that is starting to see its inhabitants flourish and the city is stepping into its full potential. When you pair those factors with the Covid-19 pandemic and inflation, Kalamazoo all of a sudden is a city full of money. With the various attractions, breweries, and other businesses the cost of living has gone up as well.

Kalamazoo is no different than any other city considering that your proximity to downtown, crime, and other factors determine how much your rent, mortgage, and property taxes are. So, naturally, there are discrepancies all over the area as some neighborhoods appear to be wealthier than others. So, how do Kalamazoo neighborhoods compare to each other?

Rent's Rising

When looking at these kinds of scenarios, the amount of people who rent within a neighborhood also plays a factor, so looking at rent prices, there isn't a ton of difference between the most expensive and the 10th most expensive. According to rentcafe.com, the Northside of Kalamazoo has an average rent price of $1,767 as the most expensive while Colony Farm/Parkview Hills sits in 10th at $1,141.

Ouch! Ownership

Owning your home is a big accomplishment that many people look forward to achieving their entire lives and in some areas it's easier to own a home than in others. This is no different in Kalamazoo as the median home prices vary all throughout the city. One of the cheapest neighborhoods to buy a home is in Knollwood at $26,289 and the most expensive is the Oakland-Winchell neighborhood where the average home price is $263,387.

Although renting and buying are completely different, they both factor into how expensive a neighborhood is. There are a number of other factors that matter as well, but over the next couple of weeks, I'll be diving deeper into Kalamazoo neighborhoods and how expensive they are to both rent and buy.

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