Katt Williams has been at the top of the headlines over the last couple of days due to an interview that he did with Shannon Sharpe. Katt Williams accepted the invitation to come onto Club Shay Shay, a podcast hosted by Shannon and is used to allow famous people in different sectors of the world a chance to share their stories and views. Sharing stories and views is exactly what Katt did as he spent almost 3 hours with Shannon, spilling all kinds of beans.

Katt says that he was up there to tell the truth and many people have been taking clips from the interview and posting them all over the internet to find out if Katt is telling the truth about everything. Well, one thing we are sure he is telling the truth about is having 10 kids but another thing that I'm sure is true is the story behind how he left the dreaded state of Ohio and found success in Florida. I didn't know that Katt Williams was from Dayton Ohio and that he ran away to Miami Florida, but he told the whole story in the interview.

Katt Williams explained many things like comedians stealing his jokes, how he got many of his breaks in the comedic world, what it was like to be homeless at times, and so much more. There was one story that caught my attention more than the others as Williams got into a story where it ended up with him in Miami as a 13-year-old child who ran away from Ohio.

He goes on to say that he and his parents didn't always get along due to the difference in their views about the world. He said that he often got into disagreements with them about religion and one of them got so bad that he was sure that either he or his father would've been hurt. So, he left the home and never looked back.

He ended up at a truck stop in Dayton, Ohio trying to figure out what he was going to do with his life. He ended up meeting a trucker there that told him how long it would take to get to Miami and the rest was history. Katt says that he, his rottweiler puppy, and the $2,500 he had in his pocket climbed aboard searching for a new home and life in sunny Miami, Florida.

He would get there and proceed to be homeless for years as he would live in a park and then go on to the library to study for 8 hours a day. He was looking to further his education, but he also stole car stereos and sold them on the streets so he could make money and stay afloat. He eventually would get his crack in the comedy sector and the movies screens, evolving into the Katt Williams we know today.

Although he escaped Ohio back then, it was one of the better decisions he made as he went on to become one of the greatest comedians the world has seen and is still going. I guess I can add Katt Williams to the list of great things that Ohio has given the world, moving their grand total to 3. Ironically, Katt Williams left Ohio years ago and has now settled down in the same state he left as he currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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