With the weather getting better, the clocks moving forward, and the sun staying out longer only means that winter is coming to an end and spring is beginning. Spring is my favorite season as there is plenty to do both inside and outside to occupy your time.

As the weather gets nicer it's always tough keeping children occupied as they want to get out and exert all the energy they have stored up. Whether there are raindrops outside or not, entertaining your children in the spring can become as easy as you'd like it to be. Luckily, for families in the Kalamazoo area, there are plenty of spring activities that are free or cheap for the kids to enjoy.

Kalamazoo has a wide variety of activities from bowling and Jungle Joes to hiking and biking that can all provide some springtime fun for your little ones. Here is a list of free and cheap kid-friendly activities during the spring in the Kalamazoo area.

Kid Friendly Spring Activities In the Kalamazoo Area

Things you can do with your children as the weather gets nicer that won't break your bank either!

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