Nature is beautiful in its own right and animals in their natural habitat only add to that majestic beauty. Watching animal planet, shark week, and other national geographic biopics and programming gives a glimpse of what their life is like. For some people, that's more than enough, for others the tv shows can't do nearly enough justice.

There are plenty of people that enjoy having exotic animals as pets, I mean during the Covid-19 pandemic there was an entire Netflix show about multiple people owning tigers. Well, in Michigan, a formerly uncommon friend has become a household pet around the state. After seeing so many alligators, the question of their legality as a pet had to be answered.

Believe it or not, the state of Michigan is more than okay with you owning a pet alligator. There is a list of exotic animals that are not permitted within the mitten state but somehow Alligator is not. I'm not saying they're wrong, I'm just saying lawmakers should think twice about letting those pets be legal. Although the state says it's legal, it is ultimately up to the cities, so check local laws and ordinances first.

I can judge all I want but they are within the law so all the hard times I give them truly mean nothing, but they do have a couple of problems. Such as containing, training, and feeding a wild animal such as an alligator, having enough space, and dealing with all the judgment, but more power to those who choose to do so.

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