The holidays are fast approaching so there are going to be tons of trips to the store, stories told amongst family members, and some of the best meals ever will be shared among many mouths. These are some of the times that we look forward to most throughout the year for all the same reasons, time away from responsibilities and love.

This year is no different for most of us as we'll enjoy sleeping in, not having to do any work, and time away from our coworkers but the sad reality is that this is not the case for everyone. There are many people who will be waking up to their alarms, going through their normal routine, and heading out the door on their way to work. There are some places that can't afford to close because of who they serve and others just like to stay open.

Many companies decided to use the Covid-19 pandemic as a way to make sure that their policies are in order and that they are taking care of their employees, so they have decided to close their doors on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile others decided that they wanted to make the money off those who make last minute runs because they ran out of something or forgot it earlier in the week.

There are definitely more retailers and stores that are choosing to close their doors on thanksgiving than businesses who are choosing to stay open. The good thing for you is I did all the work to find out who is open. So, if you forget something or need to make a last-minute run, below are the major retailers open in Michigan on Thanksgiving day.

Major Retailers Who Will Have Their Doors Open On Thanksgiving

Major stores that will be open on Thanksgiving day

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Major Retailers Closed On Thanksgiving Day

A List of retailers that will have all of their locations across the country closed on Thanksgiving Day.

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