We all remember sitting in the classroom watching the modules, answering the questions, and preparing for the written test. Depending on your age, you may be a part of the generations that were able to take Driver's Training as a class in school, which was paid for by the school district. They have since discontinued this program and have driving schools that parents and/or students must pay for themselves. Teh curriculum hasn't changed, so the nerves are still the same.

After you pass the first segment of Driver's Training you receive a learners permit in which you are supposed to keep with you when driving. This permit allows for the learning driver to drive with their parents or another licensed adult to get practice before they take the next segment of Driver's Training. The next segment is where they will receive the permit to take their road test to receive a driver's license. This is a scary day for young drivers and their parents, but Michigan parents can relax a little as Michigan is the 10th safest state for these young drivers.

Learning drivers are often timid and cautious when they are first getting on the road as they are getting used to having cars whizz by them, the flow of traffic, and how to handle a 2,000+ pound vehicle in the different weather conditions. Often times more experienced drivers will get frustrated and speed by not understanding the situation they are in, so next time try to be patient and think about the first time you were driving.

With that being said, there was research done to find out which states were the safest and most dangerous for learning drivers. The study conducted by injury lawyers at Bader Scott analyzed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Motor Vehicle Crash data and the number of fatal crashes between 2017 and 2021 in each US state involving a learner driver. 

Michigan faired very well in these statistics as they were able to find themselves inside the Top 10 in the country. I think the numbers for the Mitten state could be a little better but when you factor in the winter weather, heavy rain, and road conditions it makes sense why the numbers would rise a little bit.

The study used the number of learning drivers involved in them in comparison to the total number of fatal crashes for the state of Michigan to find the overall percentage of fatal car crashes in Michigan involving learning drivers. Michigan has a total of 17 fatal crashes involving learning drivers out of the more than 7,700 fatal crashes in the entire state. This means that only .22% of fatal crashes in Michigan are involving a learning driver, a mark that labels them the 10th safest in the nation.

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