It's no surprise that we have dealt with a number of health issues here in the United States from serious diseases like cancer, ALS, Alzheimer's and worse to diabetes, high cholesterol, and other bad eating habits. There have also been comparisons of the food products that we consume here in America compared to other countries around the world. Often times our food products are seen to carry unnecessary products or are generally unhealthy.

This means that every day, Americans are pumping their bodies with products that aren't the best for their bodies. There are tons of diet programs, surgeries, and other tactics used by friends, family, and professionals to encourage and help their loved ones lose weight, but we still have a serious problem in our country. When you couple the horrible products, bad eating habits, and so-so activity levels we come across obesity. No, everyone isn't teetering this line, but enough people are. In the latest study, Michigan is in some trouble as they rank 13th our of 50th for the unhealthiest states.

In an article from yahoo finance, they explain how they conducted their research to make the rankings, naming Michigan the 13th unhealthiest state in the United States. They have meticulously ranked states based on a consensus to determine the unhealthiest in the US. They scored states based on their disease prevalence and mortality rate, substance abuse, lifestyle habits, and health outlook.

The state of Michigan was given an Insider Monkey Score: 0.4. This means, in Michigan, around 35.0 percent of adults are overweight, with an additional 32.5 percent classified as obese, placing the state among the top unhealthy states in the US. Prevalent chronic diseases include diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension, reflecting broader health challenges in the state.

By all means, this does not mean that everyone who lives in Michigan is unhealthy, also, this doesn't mean that all overweight individuals are unhealthy. The most important things to remember are eating full meals at least twice a day, taking vitamins and gathering all of your nutrients, stay hydrated with mostly water, and exercise as much as possible. Those things can help you stay healthy or can help you get to a healthy place and maintain that health standard.

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