Now, I know the headline seems to make no sense but just be patient and I will unfold the whole story, so you see how this came about. First off, I want to make it clear that we are not saying that there is no road rage or little to none because those would both be false. We have seen the horn beepers, the tailgaters, the bird flippers, and even the handgun shooters. So, Michigan is more than experienced with road rage drivers.

I can say that from time to time I get some road rage, but I feel like that is very normal. Sometimes people make dumb decisions on the road, sometimes you may be running late, or the worst happens, and your anger is justified. Either way, road rage isn't necessarily a great thing as often times this can sway our judgement and/or our decision making when there are multiple lives at stake. With that being said, Michigan is one of the best states for road rage drivers.

The Simmrin Law Group criminal defense law firm examined the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s motor vehicle crash data focusing on drivers involved in fatal crashes due to road rage between 2017 and 2021. This is based on the people who tailgate or purposely crash into someone based off road rage they have, and those accidents end in death. 

Michigan is one of the top 5 states in the entire country at managing our road rage. We may have our moments where we get upset and we may scream in our cars or blow our horns, but we like to keep things safe. Although we deal with road rage only 0.03% of fatal crashes in Michigan are due to road rage. That's only behind Pennsylvania at 0.01% and Florida and California who are tied at 0.02%.

So, hopefully you now understand the reason behind the headline, but continue to stay safe on the road and keep the rage at a minimum.

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