Whenever people from Michigan travel around the country they often hear that we speak with an accent. Of course, none of us believe it because we can't really hear ourselves talk. Also, everyone around us speaks with an accent so we don't have anything to compare it to.

We are used to accents being extremely bold and easy to identify like the down south, New York, Boston, and West Coast accents all appear. Or even overseas accents from foreigners learning to speak English come to mind, but a Michigan accent is a little more subtle.

TikTok user @_breetanica has gotten over 100 thousand views on a video she made depicting the Michigan accent. In the video below she has a list of words written in a note document on her iPhone. She screenshots it and his it behind her as she talks through the words and explains how we say them in Michigan.

@_breetanica 😂 ✋🏻 #michiganaccentchallenge #greenscreen #michigan #wedonthaveanaccent #fyp #PrimeDayDreamDeals ♬ original sound - Breetanica 🇺🇸

I instantly died with laughter as I looked at the list and saw several words that she was listed that I was clearly using in my vocabulary, while others made me raise an eyebrow and go "Really?". I'm not sure if I completely agree with this list but it's funny and proves that we talk with an accent.

Some of them really stood out as everyone says them including myself. Words like Mirror being pronounced as meer, soda being pop, crayon being cran, and more. We're there any that you agree or disagree with? Do you think people from Michigan speak with an accent?

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