Over the past couple of years, it has become a huge thing on the internet for people from the U.K., England, Britain, and other foreign countries to find out how big the United States is. Some of them can't fathom the idea of highways and traveling hours while still being in the same state, why trains are not used more often, and why we Americans have to use airplanes to travel from state to state.

They don't have states in those countries but instead are separated by towns and villages, either way, our traditional model of states and cities is not quite what they experience. Alongside having different terminology, the villages and countries are much closer together than what we see in America. For example, 4 hours in a car or train overseas could place you in another country, while here in Michigan you'll most likely still be in the state. So, with our states being so big, there are tons of cities, could you find A Michigan City for all 26 letters in the alphabet?

No, I didn't come up with this idea myself, but I do think it is cool. I'm not sure how many states would be able to participate in the alphabet city test but Michigan sure can. In the TikTok video that you'll see below, a content creator stopped two people in public and asked them to name a city for every letter in the alphabet. I can say that I was thoroughly impressed at how well they did, check it out for yourself.

@extramediummedia Could you make it through the entire alphabet? #trivia #triviachallenge #questions #triviagame #extramedium #michigan #tiktokUS ♬ original sound - Extra Medium

They did a phenomenal job at rattling off city names within the Mitten-shaped state of America but they didn't quite get 100%. I may be wrong but I don't believe any cities in the state start with an X so we are already only down to 25 letters. They were able to get 22 of those 25 letters as they were not able to name a city that started with T, V, or Y.

First off, those are 3 of the easiest to come up with cities for, well I will say that Y and V are hard but there are a couple of no-brainers that come to mind. You have Traverse City and Troy that would suffice for T. As far as V and Y go, I only have one city for each but that's all you need. I would say Vicksburg for V and Ypsilanti for Y, what about you?

Could you pass this test and name a city for all 25 (because no X) letters in the alphabet in just 1 minute or would you fizzle out?

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