Graduating college is one of the greatest achievements for some people in their lives as they can now celebrate that milestone and start their true adult life. As they prepare to leave behind the world they once knew and begin a new journey that brings on new opportunities and many responsibilities, there are many things to keep in mind. Where you choose to start this next portion of your life is one of the biggest decisions.

Many college graduates make their way back home to live under their parents until they can have a solid footing but others don't have that luxury and have to find a way to make a life for themselves without drowning in debt. Some cities are much more favorable to recent college grads than others based on the housing market, job availability, cost of living, and more. There's one Michigan city that landed amongst the worst cities for recent college graduates to live in, can you guess which city it is?

Zumper took it upon themselves to research the best and worst places for college graduates to start the next phase of their lives by using factors such as rent, income, social opportunities, and more. Each city was given a grade for each category and an overall grade that would be used to compare them to other cities around the country. Detroit is a great city in all its rights but it does not stack up that well against other cities for recent college graduates.

Detroit was ranked 56th on this list making it, not the best but not one of the worst either but more so an average city. Detroit did have one thing that they could use a selling point to any college graduates interested in the area as Detroit as the highest percentage of single people. With that being said here is the grading scale and the grades Detroit received in this study:

Grading Scale

  • 1-20=A
  • 21-40=B
  • 41-60=C
  • 61-80=D
  • 81-100=F

Detroit's Grades:

  • Median Rent: B
  • Young People: B
  • Population With A Bachelor's Degree: D
  • Single Population: A
  • Unemployment Rate: C
  • Median Income: F
  • Restaurant Per Capita: A

As you can see Detroit has some solid grades in a few metrics keeping them in the race but the other metrics are near the bottom of the country. Their overall grade is a C+ which is somewhere around the middle. When you look at cities like Chicago, Columbus, and Indianapolis it starts to make more sense as to why Detroit fell to the ranking they did.

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