Is your jaw on the ground? Yeah, mine was too because there's no way in the world that Michigan has the best drivers in the entire country. Like the number of times that people brake for no reason, the lane shifters and turners who don't use their turn signal, the pileups on the road during the winter, and so much more just makes me cringe. The craziest part is that this list could go on for ages because I have tons of driving icks about the state of Michigan.

Although our roads are not the greatest, they apparently aren't the worst in the entire country, so we aren't allowed to use the road conditions as an excuse. There are people who drive too slow, too fast, don't know how to park, and more but somehow we still come out on top. The research shows that we received the lowest score based on their metrics, giving us the title of best drivers in America, although many of us don't think it's true.

Lending tree took it upon themselves to do all the necessary research to determine which state has the best drivers. They used 4 metrics and then combined them all to get their final score for each state. Those metrics were: Accident's, DUI's, Speeding-related incidents, and Citations. When I read the rubric, I got a little bit of a clearer picture on how Michigan could be seen as the best drivers in the country.

Firstly, we don't have many accidents up here, other than when the first snow hits or a blizzard comes through. Then we get all kinds of pileups and slide offs all over the state, but overall, we spend most of the year having less accidents than other states. Next, I was looking at the fact that the other criteria involve the police issuing a ticket or making a traffic stop.

Often times in Michigan cops are either letting people get by with speeding, parking tickets, and other actions that would warrant a citation because they are focused on looking for other crimes which may be more prevalent or serious. So if the cops aren't writing as many citations or making as many stops then the numbers would be down.

I'm sure the DUI numbers are on par with other states because there are people who make that awful decision everywhere. With all of that said, Michigan scored an overall score of 11.28, which is all of the criteria above added together and then divided driving incidents per 1,000 drivers. So are we really the best probably not, but I would like to hang out to this trophy for as long as we can.

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