Michigan Stadium which is also known as The Big House is the largest stadium of any kind in the United States and the third largest in the world. For years the Michigan Wolverines have been battling on the Gridiron, letting high school teams play football, and hosting graduations in the stadium that is full of Maize and Blue seats. The stadium is famous for its size and some of the iconic events that have taken place, but rumors still swirl.

Just like any other significant infrastructure that was built during the early 20th Century, there are tons of rumors about people passing away while building, materials getting used incorrectly or molded into concrete, and even crazier stories. There are tons of stories surrounding the building across the country, but the most recent rumor I heard about the big house is just BANANAS.

Supposedly there were some sacrifices made when the University of Michigan broke ground to start building Michigan Stadium, including a Crane. Upon starting their construction of the Big House they located a spring under the desired plot of land, which in turn caused the ground to soften. They left everything as is for one weekend and upon returning on the following Monday, the crane was nowhere to be found.

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As the TikTok video above states, it was said that the spring caused the ground to become so soft that it caved in and swallowed the crane and somehow covered up. Many others are denying this claim stating that there was no proof of the phenomenon ever occurring. There are no newspaper clippings, incident reports, or anything else to verify that this event took place.

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