The summertime brings about warm and fun weather but right alongside it comes the bugs. The winter months are much calmer when it comes to gnats, flies, ants, and every other kind of pestering bug as the cold weather pushes them into hiding but the summer months are the exact opposite. The warm weather draws them out into the open and they always find a way to cause a disturbance.

I don't know about anyone else but the first thought that comes to mind when I see is a bug is "You have all the space in the world to crawl or fly and you managed to be all up in my personal space", what is that about? Mosquitos are the first bugs that come to mind and rightfully so as they cause pain but what about the most harmless bugs? Gnats may not cause you much harm but they are some of the most annoying bugs on the planet, here are 8 ways to get rid of those pests.

How Many and The Different Kinds Of Gnats

There are several different kinds of Gnats and they all fall under the "Fly" umbrella as Michigan residents can come across Fungus Gnats, Gall Gnats, Buffalo Gnats, and Drain Gnats to name a few. Although that's already 4 different kinds of Gnats, there are many more that could disrupt your time outside.

Michigan only has a Gnat problem in the summer due to the weather that Gnats not only like but are suited to survive in. Gnats like warm and humid atmospheres, so swamps, ponds, and lakes are places that are swimming with Gnats, which makes Michigan a breeding hotbed. The summertime brings the warm heat which combines with the moisture, building a masterpiece environment for the Gnats.

How To Get Rid Of The Gnats

Of course, you can start with the simplest ways which are buying traps like the sticky glue ones that hang from the ceiling or even going for the sprays and swatters. Another clever idea is putting your green thumb to use and planting one or multiple of the many flowers that deter Gnats.

Here are some DIY tips found online to help with getting rid of Gnats:

  • Remove and empty anything in your yard that can trap or hold water.
  • Keep your garbage emptied and the trash can covered.
  • Do not allow dirty dishes to stay in the sink for long periods.
  • Pour Clorox or sanitize your drains in the kitchen, sinks, and tubs to kill eggs.
  • Do not store open food containers around your kitchen.
  • Do not store fruit like tomatoes, pineapples, peaches, or onions and other produce out in the open.
  • Use a simple homemade solution to help eliminate gnats. (video below)
  • Use a gnat/fly trap.

I wish they had something to help you repel Gnats from your own body but this list will be good enough. If you find anything that helps with keeping them away or find that these do or don't work let me know! Here are plants that keep mosquitos and other bugs at bay:

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