While it is almost everyone's dream to own their home one day, many of us aren't financially in a place to do so. Then when you add the rising costs of goods and services, alongside the continual inflation in the housing market, it's hard to save money to purchase a home or even be interested in purchasing one. Many of those in the younger generations have already given up on the idea of owning their own homes and choosing to take the roommate route.

This has led to many people renting homes from a landlord for years on end. Which is honestly part of the problem but that's a conversation for another time. The more pressing issue is that many of the older generation will scold the younger ones for paying rent for years without ever saving money to own their own home. In the end, landlords have monopolized the housing market and are charging crazy rates to remain afloat. With so many Americans renting across the country, there was research done to decide what state has the best landlords, and Michigan faired very well.

Michigan just squeaks into the top 5 for the best landlords in the country as they were ranked 5th behind Virginia, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Wisconsin. The findings come from moving resource site moveBuddha, and follow an analysis of renter reviews submitted to Rate the Landlord, which anonymously scores proprietors across five key categories: health and safety, respect, tenant privacy, repair, and rental stability. Michigan came in as the state with the 5th happiest renters in the entire country.

The ranking calculates each state's average score and review count and scales this against local populations to identify where the most complaints come from. Michigan placed 5th with the fewest landlord complaints, with renters scoring their providers an average of 2.85 out of five.  The biggest problem area was health and safety, with renters complaining of broken windows, backed-up toilets, and bedbugs.

Michigan may not have the best landlords in the country, but we are on the better end of the spectrum. At least out landlords don't make us want to do things like this tenant did below, leaving messages all over the apartment for the landlord.

Lancaster Landlord Finds Messages Written All Over Apartment

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