Michigan has had a handful of lottery winners throughout time, some have won millions while others have just won thousands, either way only the luckiest of the lucky hit the lotto.  I personally don't play the lottery because it just seems like a waste of money, and I have plenty of other things I can waste my money on. I also don't think that the payout will ever amount to what I spend.

Like realistically people spend their lifetimes playing the lottery hoping to win just one time. Most of the time that one win would be enough to make up for all the money spent but what if you don't ever win? This is a real possibility for some because there are people out there who have played and won the lottery multiple times while others have never won.

Maybe there's a science behind playing the lottery that helps repeat winners and is something that is holding back others from winning but it truly seems like a game of luck which drives me insane. I'm sure those who have been playing for a long time and haven't won are more frustrated than I am, Including this Kent County Man who finally struck gold.

An anonymous man cashed in on a $8.75 million jackpot in Kent County on August 19th in Kentwood, Michigan. He wanted to keep his identity a secret but played the winning numbers of 07-16-18-27-39-40 and cashed the ticket in at Paris Spirits & Wine, located at 2871 East Paris Southeast in Kentwood.

He's been dreaming of winning big for years, as the 60-year-old winner is a long time lottery player. When asked about finally winning he said "

“I have been playing the Lottery for years and dreaming of winning big,” said the player. “I checked the ticket Sunday morning and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw I matched all the numbers. I called for my wife and had her look the ticket over to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Once my wife confirmed I’d won, she called for my son to have him triple check the ticket too. We were all stunned!”

He recently collected his winnings from the lottery headquarters, which he accepted the 1 lump sum payment rather than annuity checks. He plans to complete some home improvements and invest with his winnings. He ended by saying

“Winning is life-changing, surreal, and amazing,”

What would you do if you won $8.7 Million from the lottery?

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