I'm very surprised that Michigan isn't brought up more often in the car conversation considering that two of the major manufacturers in the American Automotive Industry were founded right here by Michigan men. Both General Motors and Ford were created within the Mitten state and give us plenty of validity within the automotive industry and conversation. Granted, those may not be the best cars but they are often long running vehicles that can withstand many different weather and road conditions.

With that being said, many people like to test the limits of their vehicles. For the most part the vehicles are able to withstand the adventure they are put through. Other times, you run into some vehicles that have bumps, scratches, band aids, and more as they are surgically repaired. Some people have completely different thoughts and those people often reside in the state of Michigan. I've seen some crazy things on the road but nothing like this.

Michigan drivers have been named some of the best and worst drivers depending on who you ask but the roads have made a name for themselves as well. Many visitors and truck drivers have expressed the distinct difference between the highway conditions in Michigan compared to the surrounding states. Although things are wild on the road here, it's not anymore crazy than other states. Well, maybe I take that back after what was observed over the Christmas holiday weekend.

This man was filmed in Grand Rapids driving down the US 131 highway that takes you into the heart of the city and all the surrounding neighborhoods. Now, this seems like it's an everyday occurrence that shouldn't be getting any airtime, until you take a closer look at his vehicle and realize it is drastically different than most vehicles you see. This man's car is missing all of the doors and windows, including the door to the trunk.

I have a million and one questions that I can't even begin to formulate. As you can see in the video above, the car is rolling down the highway while the man sits in the driver's seat bundled up without a single door on the car. I would assume the car is legally registered because there was a license plate hanging on for dear life. This is a wild scene, have you seen anything crazier while on the road in Michigan?

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