It's no secret that there are many different kinds of people living in America, not only from the way we look and the cultures that we are raised upon but also just the simple things like the way we choose to live our lives or the opinions we carry. The other thing that is very clear is that some people dislike others for their differences, even the ones they have no control over. One of those factors is often the color of someone's skin or their ethnicity being a deciding factor for some people.

Since what feels like the beginning of time there has been some tension between the races, especially here in America as black people have fought for rights and are still fighting to have an even life sometimes. With that being said, the simplest parts of life can become the most difficult in the blink of an eye, especially when you are black. Believe it or not, sometimes it is a crime to be doing "everyday things" while black, as that's what happened to this Michigan man, not once but twice.

The city of Detroit and the surrounding area is like a melting pot as there are all kinds of people calling this area of Michigan home. This means that many different lifestyles coexist in one place and it's a beautiful sight. At the same time, this does mean that some prejudice may be prevalent, which could lead to all kinds of incidents. As this Michigan man found out, not all people are created equal in everyone's eyes.

@welldamntv Sauntore Thomas sued his former employer for racial discrimination won and when he tried to depiust the checks the bank accused him of fraud now he is suing the bank wow #fyp#viral#trending#wow#new#duet#blackhistorymonth #blm ♬ original sound - MR TIK TOK

In the TikTok video above, a man who had already experienced racial discrimination at his job won a settlement against his former employer. In the settlement, he was awarded 3 settlement checks that he tried to deposit at TCF bank in Livonia, a city right outside of Detroit. That's when the bank called the police because they were accusing him of check fraud.

The man was asked by a bank teller "Where did you get the money?" before saying that the checks needed to be called in to verify them. They claim that these checks were because of the significant amount that each check was worth, not because of the color of his skin. His attorney thinks differently as she says her client was simply just banking while black and that's why this all happened.

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