Yearly, Holly Michigan is flooded by residents from all over the state and even from around the country to participate, visit, and enjoy time basking in what used to be. Yes, they take time on the weekends during a 2-month period to live in the past. We're not talking just 30, 40, or 50 years ago past, we're talking hundreds of years ago, back to a much simpler time in life.

The Medieval times are brought back to life in one of the many wooded areas in Holly Michigan. Tucked away into nature is a large festival celebrating the best parts of what life used to do. From the attire to the entertainment and cuisine it's all a tribute to how the world used to be navigated by those in Medieval America. After a break during the Pandemic, they are back bigger and better than before.

Imagine walking through a wooded festival and chowing down on a huge turkey leg while you're surrounded by men on stilts, horses, and medieval dresses. There are jesters, kings, queens, and merchants stationed throughout the festival providing conversation, entertainment, and goods.

There are also Knights in attendance as there are a number of theatrical performances, jousts, and other entertainment numbers throughout the day. The smiles, laughter, and pure joy that spread throughout the festival are contagious. So, what can you get into and when can you go?

The Festival opens tomorrow August 19th and only runs on Saturdays and Sundays until October 1st from 10 am to 7 pm. They will also be open on Labor Day on Monday, September 4th, and Festival Friday, September 29th. Each weekend has its own theme that will be updated on, this weekend is Pirates and Pups. You can register to bring your dog to enjoy the festival as well.

Official Michigan Renaissance Festival Tickets are sold at the festival gates or online at Children 4 and under are guaranteed to be free and there are discounted rates available right now. Parking passes are now required before arrival and there are no refunds or rainchecks. Adult admission starts at $23 while child admission starts at $13.

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Take a trip back in time while wearing uncomfortable clothing

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This is in no way to shame or besmirch the good name of the fine folks at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, these are just some reviews we found that made us LITERALLY laugh out loud.