Hunting has never really been my thing, but I do have an appreciation for those who are able to get out there and take down animals for sport. It's something that only a certain kind of person can accomplish, and they have the stomachs to withstand it. I'm not sure what community or human advantages hunting provides but I know that hunters do their part in keeping us safe.

I am an animal lover, so I couldn't imagine raising a weapon and taking an animal out unless it was for the safety of a human being. Animals bring amazing things to the world as they were created for their own purpose but there is some crossover that provides some issues. Once upon the time you could only feed your family by hunting so it's not a bad thing whatsoever, but what you choose to hunt and how you showcase it sure can be. I don't think there's anything that says you can't hunt coyotes, but wolves are protected so you can be arrested on federal charges. This debate has gotten the people of Michigan railed up as they are trying to decide if someone shot a wolf or coyote.

A Facebook post from Southwest Michigan has gotten the rest of the state in on the shenanigans as they are trying to decide what kind of large canine like animal is present in the picture. Many brought up that there has been no word of wolves being present in the lower peninsula of Michigan, but some residents are arguing that DNR doesn't want to disclose that information to keep residents from reacting to it. There has been a large coyote presence all over Michigan so it wouldn't be a surprise for a large coyote to be present but what do you think?

As you can see above, this isn't the average size wild canine that this man, who many are saying shot the animal in Marshall, Michigan, is holding up in his arms. The animal is almost as tall as the alleged 6'3 man that's holding him in the picture, some are saying it could be a large coyote, but they've never seen one that large and the paws seem different.

Tons of Michigan residents hopped under this post and were asking for the exact location of where the animal was taken down. They were able to find out that it was the animal was shot on 13 1/2-mile road, but the cross streets could not be referenced. This has raised flags on whether or not this picture was actually taken in Michigan. What do you think? Was this a wolf or a coyote? Was this picture taken in Michigan?

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