Every year there is somewhere between two and five solar eclipses, but the sun is orbiting in a different part of the earth each time. This means that the amount of time and the percentage of the solar eclipse is dependent on where you live and where the sun is at the moment. During every solar eclipse there are people who barely get to witness it while others got to see the full eclipse.

This upcoming solar eclipse is expected to come through in early April and there are portions of the country that will see the sky turn dark as if it were dusk or dawn. They will get to experience the solar eclipse while others will see the moon covering a portion of the sun, appearing to take a crescent-shaped bite out of the large star. Unfortunately for us in Michigan, we won't experience the solar eclipse, but we will get to see the moon cover the sun. Here is the time span that your area of Michigan will see the eclipse and how much of the sun will be covered.

The solar eclipse that is on the horizon will have its show on April 8th as in certain parts of the country will watch the moon engulf the sun for multiple minutes. Parts of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and 5 other states will get the best experience while the other 38 states will experience some level of the eclipse but not the full effect.

Michigan is one of those states that will only experience a portion of the solar eclipse while many of the neighboring states will get the best of the best. Even though we are on the outside looking in, we will still get a pretty good look at the moon taking over the sun. Most of the state is in the 80-85% range and the eclipse will last from about 1:50 pm to about 4:25 pm. but let's take a closer look at how the different cities across the state and when the eclipse will be most visible.

Starting as far east as possible, Port Huron is in the 90-95% range, closely behind is Detroit and Lansing who are both also in the 90-95% range. Saginaw and Grand Rapids are in the 85-905 range while the last city labeled in Michigan is Traverse City who is at the 80-85% range. All of these cities are expected to see this maximum coverage anywhere between 3:10 pm and 3:15 pm.

Most of the upper peninsula is in a different situation as they are farther to the west. The more you move to the left the lower percentage of the eclipse is available to be seen. Most of the upper peninsula is in the 75-80% range but there is a portion that drops into the 70-75% range which is the lowest in the state, but everyone in the state of Michigan will see the moon cover a large portion of the sun.

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