It's no surprise that the debate about gun safety, gun laws, and gun accessibility have not been resolved and they have been a focal point of discussions at all levels within the government and everyday people for years. The two sides can't seem to find a point of compromise that makes both sides feel safe without infringing on anyone's rights at the same time, it's an extremely thin line to walk, and the discussions continue to ramp up as the mass shootings continue.

Can guns be dangerous? Yes, but for the most part it is the people operating the firearm that creates the dangerous scenario rather than the weapon itself. There are circumstances where firearms are dangerous and that's mostly when they are unattended and not stored away. To combat this, Michigan State Police have offered gun owners free storage for their firearms.

I'm not sure when the program started and if which parts of the state the program will be extended to, but the gun safety conversation has taken a turn. Michigan State Police are trying to find ways to make citizens feel safe while also exercising their rights to own a weapon. This article from WSBT shares that the Michigan State Police will be instituting the program in Southwest Michigan.

Michigan State Police announced earlier this week that they would be offering firearm owners with free gun safes and locks. The Michigan State Police have partnered with Bronson Protective Servies to acquire several hundred gun safes and locks. They will be handing these out to Kalamazoo and Van Buren County residents who own guns.

Safes can be picked up at the Michigan State Police Paw Paw Post, located at 43255 60th Ave, weekdays from 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Michigan State Police have also given CPL instructors and gun store owners vouchers to give to students or new customers. The idea is to get the gun owners the safes and locks to keep children and others who shouldn't have firearms away from them and safe.

As the law asks, all firearm owners should be securing their guns with either a lock and/or a safe. This will keep the firearm from falling into the wrong hands at any time, but everyone is not in a space to acquire a safe or lock. This program is meant to help those who may be in financial situations and can't afford a lock or safe but will benefit other firearm owners as well.

There is no word as to if this program will or has been extended to other parts of the state, but I would imagine that it has. If it hasn't then I wouldn't be surprised to see other counties within the state push to bring this initiative to their communities.

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