For years amusement parks have been a place of joy for families from the largest and most fun-filled parks like Disney World and Disney Land to everyday parks like 6 Flags, Hershey Park, Michigan's Adventure, and many more. Loading onto the train car, strapping on the harness, and enjoying a thrill-seeking vibe is what it's all about.

Cedar Point, an 2 in 1 amusement and waterpark located in Sandusky, Ohio has turned into a tourist attraction that brings people from all over the country to little ole Ohio. They have some of the best rides in the world and often experience a parked park where some of the wait queues are 3+ hours long. They are most known for their ride Top Thrill Dragster which is now gone from famous joy to infamous fear.

The Top Thrill Dragster was taken out of commission earlier this year due to a few things, one of them being an August 2021 accident that left one Michigan woman critically injured. The roller coaster which reaches speeds of 250 MPH in just 3 seconds was one of the largest and most popular the park had to offer before this tragic accident.

The woman was standing under the ride at some point when a metal bracket had come loose and fell off the ride and onto her head. She would be rushed to the hospital and is okay, for the most part. She does have irreversible damage to her brain, emotions, and other parts of her life as well as her husband and father both being emotionally distraught.

She is suing not only Cedar Point but their parent company as well, citing that it was their negligence that caused the accident that now leaves her with traumatic brain injuries. As she is in need of additional treatments and surgeries her medical expenses which is already at $2 million but may reach as high as $10 million. Cedar Point hasn't said anything on the matter stating that they don't comment about ongoing litigation.

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