Traveling in luxury is something that only a few can enjoy on a regular while others splurge on themselves every so often to enjoy a nice vacation. The best conditions for travel and lodging are always the most expensive as first-class seats on flights are almost $1,000 while luxury hotel rooms can be upwards of $500 a night. Enjoying the finer things in life can take a toll on your wallet but it's worth it.

Michigan isn't necessarily one of the states or places that comes to mind when thinking of luxury as most of the state's residents are either middle-class or modest. Many people in Michigan choose to spoil themselves but moderately, nonetheless, that doesn't mean that visiting travelers to the state wouldn't like nice things. Michigan is joining the luxury ranks as it will be introducing its first 5-star hotel in Southeast Michigan.

Detroit is arguably the only city that people outside of Michigan know, you get the occasional Ann Arbor, Flint, or Lansing mention but it; 's mostly Detroit or "How close is that to Detroit?". Detroit is home to almost all of the professional sports teams, some of the best restaurants, multiple concert venues, a handful of attractions, and more as it makes a name for itself as Michigan's biggest and best city. Now, they will be able to give visitors a luxury stay as well.

Detroit will be receiving its first and the state of Michigan's first 5-star hotel located in Downtown Detroit. Edition, a global hotel brand, will be moving into the Hudson Tower and there will also be 97 residential condos available for purchase. Dan Gilbert, a Detroit native and millionaire, confirms that his real estate company will be bringing the hotel to Motown. 

Edition is set to have 210 rooms and will be their first hotel in the Midwest, which is surprising considering there are cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, St Louis, Columbus, and others within the region. There is no date set as to when Edition is expected to open within the Hudson Tower but the plan is made and approved so Michigan's first 5-star hotel is coming soon.

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This one-of-a-kind, Lake Michigan estate, is just an hour away from Chicago and is top-notch from top to bottom. Located in the Lake Michigan community of Grand Beach, this incredible 10.174 sq ft. home has 4 bedroom suites with additional sleeping quarters in the guest house and 8 designer bathrooms.
The highlight though is the ambiance outdoors that makes you feel as if you have escaped to your own private resort. The estate has an oversized private pool fit for a 5-star hotel, 5 decks, and patios with magazine-worthy views according to the listing. There are also 3 heated garages that will accommodate 5 vehicles and of course a heated driveway. Take a look at pure luxury that can all be yours for $5,975,000.

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