All over the state, Michigan residents have been noticing giant pink elephants, and it not only creates conversation amongst people in different cities but also brings up memories. These big painted creatures aren't new to the area but have become a frequent topic of conversation, as they pop up throughout the mitten.

The ceramic animals have moved throughout the state which now makes me question how many giant pink elephants there are in the state. Are there multiple or is it really just one animal structure that's being transported around? I couldn't imagine there being a bunch of these pink elephants but just one of them moving around the state seems unlikely as well.

There isn't too much to say, someone shared a photo of the Pink Elephant outside of the Mio Pizza Shop in Mio Michigan. This led to many others bringing forth memories of the elephant at Mio and in other cities around the state.

Jerome Schefke Facebook
Jerome Schefke via Facebook

Here's where the giant pink elephants have been spotted in Michigan.

Pink Elephant Sightings In Michigan

Giant Elephants that have been painted pink and have become apart of the current house/business that exist. Some are on top of buildings and used in Mini Golf Courses.

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