Every year, Spring is one of the most exciting and beautiful times of the calendar year as everything begins to come back to life. The trees begin to have their green leaves hanging from the branches, the grass turns greener, and the flowers begin to bud. Everyone seems to spend a little more time outside taking in the fresh air and nature's beauty, furthermore, those with green thumbs are back to work.

Digging out weeds, laying new mulch and soil, and then planting new plants is something that plant lovers are eager to do every spring. I would imagine that their love for plants and flowers came from some significant event during their lives surrounding plants or flowers. Michigan creates that atmosphere every year as one of the quaint shore towns of Lake Michigan is bombarded with fresh tulips during the springtime. That's why the Tulip Time Festival has become a famous event that people from all over the country attend.

The Tulip Time Festival is an 8-day-long festival that celebrates the abundance of beauty that the Tulips provide in waves. Holland Michigan is known for its Tulip production as thousands of Tulips bloom all over town and in various colors. After noticing this phenomenon, the City of Holland started the Tulip Time Festival to celebrate the beauty of the event.

The Tulip Time Festival is jam-packed with activities from the opening ceremony to the closing remarks, all centered around celebrating the glowing tulips. They will have events like a Tulip Run, walking tours, arts and crafts shows, dance lessons, concerts, and more. There will also be a parade that will involve children, tulips, and dogs. They say you haven't lived until you've made it to a Tulip Time Festival.

Check out the Tulip Time Facebook Page if you want to see pictures of videos from prior Tulip Time Festivals and to find any other information you need.

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