Martin Luther King Jr is known for his time as a Civil Rights Activist in America, how his life was dedicated to making others' lives better, and the distasteful way his life was taken. Now, there are tons of books, exhibits, memoirs, documentaries, and more showcasing his legacy, including schools in almost every state in the country.

Michigan is no stranger to the legacy of MLK and there are a number of schools named after him within our state. Although we are in the north, Michigan is a very historical state and is now joining an upper echelon in Civil Rights History. With a valuable piece of his history moving from the South to Dearborn, Michigan will become a destination for many to learn.

MLK spent a lot of time in safe houses and home bases in different cities throughout the South to stay on the move and stay safe as his life was always in danger, one of those safe havens was the home of dentist Sullivan Jackson and his wife, Richie Jean, in Selma, Alabama. He would use this home for late-night visitors, phone calls, meetings, and to organize marches.

Starting this year, a project will start to move the home from where it currently sits in Selma to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. It's expected to be a three-year project as they will dismantle the house piece by piece and bring them on the 800+ mile road trip.

This house is instrumental in the fight for Civil Rights and MLK Jr. was actually inside this home when President Lyndon B. Johnson announced the Voting Rights Act of 1965. There will also be things like chairs, neckties, artifacts, and other significant items within the home preserved to be shown in the exhibit.