St Patrick's Day is the one day of the year that everyone wants to be Irish. The holiday is stuffed with Irish cuisine, wearing green, and slamming drinks until you've finally had enough. Although, if you are of Irish descent, this is just what some would call a "normal" day in your culture.

With the holiday only a few months away, people are starting to make plans to celebrate the holiday dedicated to Irish culture. Many people choose to go barhopping as many Irish will tell you one of their favorite pass times is drinking, but others may want to visit some more Irish places like Irish Hills Michigan.

One thing about Irish Hills Michigan, it's no longer full of Irish residents like it used to be. It started as an Irish settlement but as they evolved in life and started to chase their dreams they gradually left as the town's Irish population diminished. Maybe many of them moved to the nearby Hamburg Township, which leads Michigan in the percentage of their population being Irish at 47.36%. So, here's a list of the most Irish places in Michigan.

7 of The Most Irish Cities in Michigan

An old Irish proverb says, “There are only two kinds of people in the world, the Irish and those who wish they were.” Such a true statement, especially in America on St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone is Irish on March 17th, or at least claims to be. In reality, only a handful of places across the country can actually claim to be true Irish cities, and just a few in Michigan. These cities are all about the Luck of the Irish in more ways than one.

Alongside Hamburg in the top 50 were four Southwest Michigan Cities; Hickory Corners, Scotts, Coloma, and Augusta which were ranked 16th, 25th, 34th, and 43rd respectively. Kalamazoo and Battle Creek barely made the top 500 coming in at 460th and 427th respectively.

Best Irish Pubs

Now, I would assume this is the section that some of you were intrigued in reading, the part of the article where I tell you the best places to showcase your Irish drinking skills. Lucky for you, I enjoy a good Irish pub because there's nothing like a solid drink and an order of fish and chips to enjoy a St. Patrick's Day.

Southwest Michigan

There are a handful of Irish bars within Southwest Michigan that if you were to drink responsibly could provide you with an entire day's worth of pubs to hop to and from. Grand Rapids alone has Flanagan's, Mulligan's, O'toole's, and Quinn and Tuites to pair alongside Kalamazoo's McGonigle's and O'duffy's and some other smaller locations that don't show up on Google that are worth hunting for.

The Rest of The State

The rest of the state likes to acknowledge their Irish counterparts as well and there are Irish Pubs littered all over the state serving beer and food with the most Irish vibes. Patty Fleming's, Dublin Square, Sherman's, Coonan's, Washington Street, Three Blind Mice, Duggan's, and so many more stretch between Lansing, Detroit, and moving toward the Nothern Michigan.

100 Years of Irish Hills Attractions