Every time we leave our homes, we are putting our lives in danger but sometimes your life can be in danger even though you have stayed home. Crime, both petty and violent, have started to take over our country as we are all struggling to stay afloat. Some cities are slightly safer than others but it's clear that we are not safe anywhere. Michigan is a state that has its fair share of crime but is also safer than other states at the same time.

We have all heard the stories about Detroit, Flint, Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, and other crime riddled cities across the Mitten state but those are not the focus today. Of course, these cities will always be amongst the higher crime rates as they have larger populations, which naturally means more crime. Can you guess which city in Michigan has seen the most crime? I'll let you in on a secret, it's not one of the cities that I mentioned above.

Population U is an amazing tool to use when you want to have statistics based upon the population size of the area you are looking at. This helps give a better look at how things truly appear rather than just raw numbers, this has helped us find the city in Michigan that has the most crime and surprisingly it is not Detroit or Flint, unlike the popular opinion.

Instead, the city in Michigan that has the most crime is Muskegon Heights, a city located in Northwest Michigan. This isn't the first time that Muskegon Heights has ended up on a list in reference to crime as they have had troubles with violent and petty crimes in the past. They saw a rise in crime of 473 more cases in 2021 than they did in 2019, giving them a crime rate of 67 per 1000 residents, in total they have 10,673 residents.

Population U went about their data in a different way than some may have been expecting. They found their crime statistics by factoring in the total amount of calls, the number of calls that were for violent crime, the population size, and the change in the number of calls from year to year. This is how we find that smaller cities such as Muskegon Heights from themselves toward the top of this list.

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