Living in the Midwest isn't necessarily the dream but it's not all that bad either. We have our ups and downs, but one of the things that makes me uneasy is the amount of open space there is in the area. Also, as the population continues to rise, our cities begin to become crowded, and the wheels of uncertainty begin to spin.

Although the Midwest is on the safer side than some other areas in the country or the world, no one is ever truly safe. We may not have to consider some of the other disasters that occur elsewhere, but we are no strangers to death and tragedy. The Midwest is known to have some of the most infamous serial killers in our country's history.

Guys like Ted Bundy have gotten all kinds of TV shows, documentaries, movies, books, and everything else produced about themselves, their lives, and the crimes they committed. It's almost like a glorification of these monsters, but it's also used as an educational tool. While thinking of Ted Bundy, some of the ones from this area come to mind, so here is a list of the most notorious serial killers in the Midwest.

When looking at serial killers in this area the Chicago area is the first that comes to mind thinking of names like John Wayne Gacy, Jeffery Dahmer, H.H. Holmes, and even Paul Michael Stephani, who was known for taking his victims' lives and making calls to authorities in a high-pitched voice. This is only a very short list of the murderers that repeatedly targeted the city.

Indiana had it's fair share of culprits as well including Herbert Baumeister, Orville Majors who was a nurse that was illegally injecting patients, Darren Deon Vann, Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish a cannibal who was referred to as the boogie man and many more individuals used Indiana as their death playground.

You'd be crazy to expect Ohio to not join in on these festivities. A few noticeable names are Donald Harvey, nicknamed the Angel of Death because he repeatedly took lives in hospitals, Anthony Sewell, Gary Heidnik who tortured and killed multiple women, and The Cleveland Torso Murderer who unfortunately was never caught, but he went on a killing rampage in Cleveland and Youngstown in the 1950s.

Lastly, the state of Michigan, starting with Carl Eugene Watts, whos known for killing over 80 women. Joining him on this list are John Norman Collins, Anthony Guy Walker, Elias Abuelazam, Shelly Andre Brooks, and a host of others.

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