The idea that anyone is safe in any place is an illusion because anything could happen at any time. What I will say is that some places are less likely to have tragic events occur than others but that doesn't mean they can't happen. The thing that makes life so scary and places all of us at risk is that each person is an individual who can make their own decisions. Some people choose to make questionable decisions which often result in others being physically harmed or worse.

Now, not all states and cities are created equally, especially when it comes to the safety and the amount of violent crimes that are occurring within a community. It's no surprise to us now in 2024 that low-income communities have been found to commit more crimes as they try to find means to work, but some people are just off their rockers committing crimes as well. Some cities and states are worse than others, but you wouldn't be shocked in the slightest to find out that this city has been named the most unsafe in Indiana.

South Bend, Indianapolis, Hammond, and a few others have always been cities that were known around the country for several reasons. You could add Bloomington and Layfette as well but arguably none are more known than the most unsafe city within the state. It's mostly known for its smell, run-down look, and the celebrity family that grew up there and called the city home for many years.

Yeah, you guessed it, the most unsafe city in Indiana is Gary. According to this article coming from Movoto, they have ranked the 10 most unsafe cities in Indiana and Gary ended up on the top. They had a unique method to find out how safe each city in Indiana is and here are the crimes that were factored into the data:

  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Robbery
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Vehicle theft

Which were divided into these four crime categories:

  • Murders
  • Violent crimes
  • Property crimes
  • Total crimes

Gary ranked above the rest of the state and much of that is credited to Downtown Chicago being only 25 miles from the city. Movoto did take crimes per person, per capita, and other factors into consideration when making this list, but here are the other cities that made the top 10:

1. City of Gary
2. Town of Clarksville
3. City of Indianapolis
4. City of East Chicago
5. City of Washington
6. City of South Bend
7. City of Hammond
8. City of Seymour
9. City of Lafayette
10. Town of Speedway

Ghost Town Gary, Indiana

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