In the last 10 years or so, Airbnb has made HUGE leaps and bounds in the lodging business. As most individuals are used to renting a room at a motel or hotel while traveling, the idea of having a more home-like experience while staying out of the city, state, or country became more popular and eventually birthed the current program that is Airbnb.

Another phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, well at least the Western world, would be the invention of tiny homes. Yes, they are exactly what they sound like, well not quite exactly. They are very small homes that are made for a single individual or POSSIBLY a couple to share. Think of an entire home being reduced in size for one person to live comfortably without having too much space. Tiny Digs in Muskegon, Michigan has combined these two for the ultimate experience.

You can now head on up for a short(or long) vacation on the shore of Lake Michigan without renting a hotel room or spending too much on an Airbnb that's too big. Take yourself, go with a significant other, or rent out the entire place for your entire family, but either way, this is the better option.

Tiny Digs is a hotel in Muskegon, a shore town in Michigan. The town sits on Lake Michigan and gets a ton of traffic in the summer. Some are just tourists while others spend their summers on the beach, either way, Tiny Digs is rolling in dough. Tiny Digs isn't your traditional hotel as it has more than one building.

In fact, there are many buildings tied to Tiny Digs as the hotel has no room inside of the main building. All of the "rooms" are tiny houses that can be rented out individually allowing for not only some privacy but a home-like experience. Imagine not having to deal with hotel inconsistencies, wild neighbors, and other unfortunate happenings because you're staying in your own tiny home.

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