Kalamazoo Valley Community College(KVCC) has been around since 1966 and has nestled its way into the Kalamazoo community ever since. Between the two campuses in downtown Kalamazoo and out on 9th St in Texas Township, KVCC services just under 12,000 students in several programs. Just like any other post-secondary institution they have some sports and other events on campus.

When hosting sporting events and other games, having a physical presence at the school and an enjoyable experience is very important to keep fans engaged and returning. One of the best ways to accomplish both goals with one resource is a mascot. KVCC has used a couple of different cougars in their time, but there's yet another new cougar walking the halls.

I love the idea presented here by KVCC it's a way to not only get fans involved but also connect with the city and community as a whole. They have decided to ask the general community, fan base, student population, and faculty to enter nominations for names that could be used for the new mascot.

As you can see above, they have a newly designed cougar mascot that has valley blue fur, a black nose, a white mohawk, and white whiskers. The cougar dons a black tank top and shorts with a valley blue and white logo on the center of the tank top. They have attached a Google form to allow individuals to send in name ideas.

They haven't mentioned how long they will have nominations open so don't take too long thinking of your idea. Also, if your idea is chosen KVCC will give you a prize, they haven't said what that prize is, so I guess we'll all find out when someone's name idea is chosen.

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