Recently Kalamazoo Public Schools hired Dr. Darin Slade as the new superintendent of Kalamazoo Public Schools after the mutual departure of Dr. Raichoudhuri earlier this year. Slade replaces interim superintendent Cindy Green. Obviously, there were positive and negative responses to the decision just like any other choice.

Dr. Darin Slade has already decided that he is here to help the students, make the learning environment in schools better and safer, and is a no-nonsense guy. Many parents have gotten the opportunity to meet Dr. Slade and ask questions about how he plans to be successful in his role. He had sharp answers and has already instituted changes for the upcoming school year.

As Kalamazoo Public Schools staff, parents, and students begin to prepare for the year, they are in for an awakening. Many schools are starting to have their registrations, ice cream socials, and other back-to-school events to bring excitement. Loy Norrix is one of the high schools that has seen some discourse surrounding the new rules.

Facebook posts from earlier this week began to circle as parents and students filed into the auditorium at Loy Norrix high school for registration, ID photos, and other pre-school needs. There were large navy blue signs lining the aisles of the seats that had the Knight head reading off some of the rule changes for the year.

The wearing of hoods, hats, and other headwear that does not fulfill a religious or cultural purpose is permitted. This is not the only rule change as the use of cellphones and headphones will also be permitted outside of passing time, meal times, and before/after school.

Many parents are behind the rule changes and think that they will restore the old-school values of school which are having fun, making friends, and learning. They are now wondering when changes will be made to the dress code. They feel that students need to have their clothing options limited and some even suggest uniforms.

Obviously, the students are not very fond of these rules but they will have to deal with them. The steps of discipline involve having their cell phones confiscated, if this is a repeated offense then parents will be involved. Do you think these changes are for the better?

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