Burglars and home invaders have been around since the beginning of time there are tales in every sacred text about thieves and you can't tell me that the entire existence of pirates isn't based upon being a thief. Many people say that America was built off the same principles as they had stolen land and slaves to make what is the current United States. Now, theft is mostly on a small scale as it's criminals breaking into stores, homes, and cars.

There is a list of places that burglars will search first when they are in your home which can help you stay protected. Alongside that list there are a plethora of safety options you can find online and several different types of security systems to keep yourself, your family, and your possessions safe. Now, there is some information surrounding a new trick that burglars are using to invade homes, if you own a home in Ohio you should know this.

Many homeowners and renters like to have a wireless security system for many advantageous reasons but this also may be the reason your home is more susceptible to being invaded. Burglars are now using wifi jammers, which are banned for general use, to take wireless security systems offline and enter your home undetected. Wifi jammers can slow down or completely disable wifi connections in the area, making it impossible for some systems to operate.

There are several ways that you can protect yourself from burglars and their wifi jamming tricks. The first option is to have a wired home security system, this means that everything is hard-wired, you may lose some flexibility on where you can place your cameras but they will work even without wifi. Secondly, you can keep your valuable items in a safe place that is not near the door.

They will look to take items like key fobs, purses, and other significant items that are near the door but less likely to go through the home for other valuables. Do you have a wireless security system? Where do you currently place your valuables?

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