It seems like Michigan has so much to offer as far as night out but at the same time it seems like you have done everything, and it is getting old. Many of the attractions that we have in the state are either in multiple places or there is another business that is similar to the others. Every city has their own attractions that anyone can find in their city and every city has their specifics.

Dowagiac is one of those smaller towns that doesn't have a lot for themselves and they often times have to travel to nearby cities for certain goods, businesses, and attractions. They have a high school, movie theater, and a few stores to take care of their needs most of the time. Now, they are about to have some fun as they are getting a new family fun center to provide something for date night, birthday parties, friend group fun, and more.

Facebook has started to come through as one of the most trustworthy sources for new things happening in the world. Whether it be my hometown of Kalamazoo, the surround Southwest Michigan area, or other places around the country and world, most of it can be found on Facebook. The Greater Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce posted about a new development opening in the city yesterday.

The new family fun center that opened on Wednesday December 20th is called Nitro Zone. They have other locations in other states, but this is the only one they have in Michigan. Nitro Zone is similar to other places in Michigan most notably Craigs Cruisers, Airway Fun Center, and Revel and Roll.

Nitro Zone had their grand opening this week and they have so much to offer the Dowagiac community. They have bowling, laser tag, axe throwing, arcade, an indoor roller coaster and more. Enough fun and something for everyone no matter the reason for going. The hours are posted as such:

This was well needed for Dowagiac and will now not only bring money to the city, provide fun for families, but also bring in some tourism.

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