Spam calls have been going on years as is the reason that many of us miss important calls because we don't answer numbers that we don't know. Spam calls most originate from individuals who are posing as another person, company, or agency to retrieve some sort of information from you. Most spam callers are looking for passwords, addresses, bank information, or other sensitive information.

Often times when answering these calls, you'll either here an automated voice that is asking you for all kinds of information or you will literally hear silence. Both of these are tactics used by scammers to wipe you clean of sensitive information, valuables, and money. The silent calls are trying to tap into your phone and copy the data while the automated calls are trying to induce a conversation in which you willing hand over the information. No one in the country is safe from these calls but some receive more than others, including the state of Ohio who receives spam calls more than other states.

A new study by public records database Radaris discovered that Arizona is the state that received the most amount of spam calls between 2018 and 2022. The study analyzed a dataset of over 5 million reported cases comprised in the “Do Not Call Data Books” from the Federal Trade Commission and compared the total number of calls from 2018 to 2022 to the population of each state to discover which one got the most calls per 10,000 people.

Ohio just barely slides into the top 10 as they grab the last spot available, granted this isn't really a list that you want to be ranked so high on. As they were the last state to be in the top 20% of the country experiencing spam calls, they recorded receiving 963,844 total spam calls which equals out to 819.87 calls per 10,000 residents. Ohio, be careful who you answer the phone for because they are calling your phones like hot cakes.

Now that you know that Ohio gets so many spam calls, below are a list of area codes you should never answer.

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