As much as some people would like to deny global warming and our contribution to the problem as humans. We have made a conscious effort within the last couple of decades to try and reverse or at least change the narrative to help the Earth. These initiatives have helped with the younger generations as they are all about reusing, reducing, and recycling, but still have a long way to go before extending the life expectancy of our planet.

The biggest issues we have with our contribution to ruining our environment are the carbon emissions we let off into the atmosphere every day and the way that we handle our waste. Yes, most of us use trash cans and have the garbage companies come and collect, some are still using the earth as their personal playground, but even then, the landfills are still burning tons of trash, letting off more carbon emissions. We haven't quite found a solution to this problem and Ohio is holding the 5th most trash in landfills in the entire country.

Secure and sustainable IT asset disposal and liquidation experts IT Asset Management Group (IT-AMG) analyzed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data on landfill utilization to see which states have the most trash in landfills per capita in U.S. short tons. Not too long ago, we found out that Michigan is the dirtiest state in America based upon the amount of trash they have in their landfills, now Ohio isn't far behind.

Ohio closes out the top 5 as there are 53.8 tons of waste in landfills per capita in the Buckeye State and 632.2 million tons of waste in landfills overall. Ohio’s per capita value is 35.6% above the national average. Ohio may be dirty but at least it's archnemesis to the North is worse than they are, giving the Buckeyes some bragging rights.

This is a list based upon landfills and the per capita of the state, so this does not mean that Michigan or Ohio are actually some of the dirtiest states in the country. With that being said, the list below is the 100 dirtiest cities in the United States, are you wondering how many are in Ohio and Michigan, because I am.

The 100 Dirtiest Cities in America

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