We see or know those people who see a penny or quarter on the ground and stop to pick it up. Some people see these coins as small pocket change while others have the money is money mindset. Whether you choose to pick up loose change or not, we all have a stash of coins somewhere. Most of us choose to keep this change in our cars for easy access when using cash to pay for things, others like to collect, and some just stash and forget.

Even though it seems as if all coins are created equally, we couldn't be more wrong. There are numerous instances where the material used for several types of coins was being used for war or other efforts. There have also been special coins released by state, by year, and sometimes they make changes due to the current climate of the country. With that being said, those of you in Ohio should be searching through your piggy banks, car consoles, couches, and other areas for these specific dimes.

Every dime is worth 10 cents but what if I told you that there is a specific type of dime out there that is worth much more than 10 cents? According to this article from Reader's Digest, John Daggett minted 2 dozen dimes known as 1894-S Barber Dime, and gave them to his daughter, encouraging her to save them for a later date, as any other kid would do, she ignored him and brought ice cream, this is where the whole thing begins.

Since then, many of these dimes have disappeared from the surface of the Earth, but 9 of them are known to still exist and are somewhere in the world. 7 of those 9 have been accounted for and are currently in the possession of private collectors, but the other 2 have yet to be "found", which means you could be the one holding on to this expensive dime.


The odds are not in your favor as there are billions of dimes out there but the last Barber dime that was found sold for 2 million dollars. Above is a picture of what the dime looks like as it features a depiction of Liberty since Roosevelt was not president yet, dons the year 1894 across the bottom, and is VERY old. If you come across this dime, take it to a certified coin appraiser to ensure you have the real deal before trying to sell it.

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