The big cities here in America are the ones that give us a name, as the rest of the world is aware of those cities and what is occurring there. Well, as citizens of the United States, we know and understand that they can give us both a good and bad rep without trying but they don't speak for the entire country. Tons of small towns and cities around the country show what America is about, as small towns are the true heartbeat of the country.

The Midwest has been graced with not only some of the best big cities in the nation such as Chicago, Indianapolis, St Louis, and Detroit but also some of the best small towns and cities. Small towns and cities showcase the best parts of America as they are close, tight-knit communities that pour all of their resources into each other and the city around them. Although small towns and cities make up the fabric of the country, some are better than others. Ohio is a state that gets ragged on a lot by the other Midwest states but they were able to land one city on the list of the 10 best small towns in the Midwest.

USA Today manages to inform us about what is happening across the country but also how the country is interacting with other countries around the world. The information they provide us with regarding the country could be breaking news, new advancements, and even rankings like the list they made displaying the 10 best small towns in the Midwest.

It's always so hard to tell what is considered the Midwest and what isn't but USA Today has given both Michigan and Ohio the nod as Midwest states, making their small towns eligible for this list. Michigan landed two towns on the list, while Ohio was able to squeeze by with just one city on the list. The only Ohio small town named in the Midwest's top 10 is Put-in-Bay.

Put-in-Bay is legitimately one of the best small towns in not just Ohio or the Midwest but the entire United States. Put-in-Bay is known for its wineries, steamboats, historic sights, fantastic water views, and more. An expert panel chose small towns with populations under 25,000 residents, and let their readers vote on which was the best, leading to Put-in-Bay being ranked 6th.

What many don't know is that Put-in-Bay is an island that sits on Lake Erie and provides vacation-like vibes to its inhabitants and visitors. Only a couple hundred people are living on Put-in-Bay, meaning most of their revenue and such comes from tourists. If you haven't been to Put-In-Bay it may be time to make a trip as Ohio's best small town is sure to fulfill your dreams.

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