For years, visitors of Cedar Point would rush to hop in line to get a spot in line. The lines would easily become 2 1/2 to 3 hours long in minutes. Everyone wanted to experience the thrill at least once if not more than once each time they visit. So, many people were sad when the red and yellow tracks of the Top Thrill Dragster were being taken apart and rolled away, what many saw as the end of an era as the roller coaster was retired and sent to join the rest in the graveyard.

There were many concerns with the functionality of the coaster as it had been standing for almost 20 years since it debuted in 2003. There were also talks of the coaster just being old and needing an upgrade. Many Cedar Point visitors were concerned that the Top Thrill Dragster would be gone forever, but Cedar Point has other plans in mind. They announced that they would be building a Top Thrill Dragster 2 that would open in 2024. The time has come and we now have the first looks at what the Top Thrill Dragster 2 coaster will look like.

Cedar Point is one of the main attractions in Ohio as it sits in one of the most Northeast cities in the state, Sandusky. Cedar Point is equipped with both an amusement park and a waterpark that have been providing memories, thrill, and fun for visitors since 1870. Cedar Point is considered the second-oldest operating amusement park in the country, and now they are unveiling a new look at one of their most popular coasters.

After tearing down Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point turned around and created Top Thrill Dragster 2 which will be bigger and faster than the first iteration. The first looks of the coaster have been posted on social media and man does this ride look like fun! Below is the Facebook post showing the new coaster and it's not the same red and yellow you're used to.

Did you get a chance to ride the original Top Thrill Dragster? Are you excited to ride the new Top Thrill Dragster 2?

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