The full solar eclipse is one of the most magnificent sights that the eye can see, well kind of, because you're supposed to wear those glasses to keep them safe. Either way, the spectacle of the moon covering the sun or the sun covering the moon, whichever one it is, only happens so often and the rarity is special. Many people have been lucky enough to view multiple full solar eclipses in their lifetime, but it's still something that people will look to check off their bucket list.

The next full solar eclipse is approaching the United States at rapid speed as it is just over 3 weeks before the viewing spectacle will take place. Many cities throughout Ohio are going to be in the direct path of the solar eclipse and will see the full effects of the phenomenon, they're also being warned that they'll feel the full effect of the visitors as well. With many travelers expected to invade the Buckeye state, officials are warning citizens to stock up on food, water, fuel, and other necessities before they arrive.

This is not one of those panic situations where people need to stock up because some disaster is going to occur or that there is going to be some lack of products in the nearby future. Instead, this is just a matter where they are encouraging citizens of Ohio to make sure they have everything they need before the heightened tourist traffic makes some things hard to come by or more expensive to purchase.

In an article from iflscience, they are breaking down all of the effects of having a large number of tourists entering the area to view the solar eclipse. In the article they explain how the number of people visiting the area will make wait time for services such as gas stations and hospitals longer, traffic may be backed up more than usual, as well as food and other services.

One of the other notable changes is that phone service may be a little slower or not available at times due to the high traffic of people. The more devices that are in an area using a service can slow everything down, there are no guarantees that these changes may come to your area, city, or neighborhood but the warnings are there, so you aren't alarmed.

Here are schools in Ohio that will be closed for the solar eclipse, followed by the Ohio parks that offer the best views of the eclipse:

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Tons of schools will not be operating, and some in a minimal fashion. Here are the Ohio school districts that plan on being closed completely on April 8th.

Ohio Parks That Offer The Best Views Of The Total Solar Eclipse

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