A couple of years ago censorship was one of the biggest topics in the country as many individuals had the feeling that the country was trying to restrict what we had access to on television and the internet. Some people believed that this censorship would be good for the country and would help keep children from seeing things they shouldn't while the other side felt like it was infringing on their right to freely partake in some media, and they felt like it was a set up for propaganda.

Either way, things have been fine and there is a level of censorship but there is also freedom on the internet as we aren't being all too restricted from anything. Social media has continued to be mainstay in the American culture, although many people have chosen to stop using "X" which was formerly known as twitter. Social media requires you to verify your age in multiple ways but there are other websites in Ohio that currently don't and that could be dangerous.

In Ohio, there is no need to verify your age when you're attempting to enter a pornographic website. This means that anyone who stumbles across a site, knows the address, or looks one up is able to access the site with no restrictions. I don't think I have to spell out why this is dangerous, but this could obviously introduce children to sex entirely too early.

So, Ohio Lawmakers have been in talks about adding an age verification law to their state, making it mandatory for all pornographic websites to verify age in some way before allowing access. There are currently 8 states that have a verification law in place for these websites and Ohio could become the 9th.

Ohio is looking to join Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, Montana, Virginia, Utah, and North Carolina in blocking access until age is verified. This has led to some pornographic websites choosing to block access to their sites in those states instead of complying.

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