Our vehicles are some of the most prized possessions that we have as they cost thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain. Many people work long days and hours to finally save up enough money to purchase their dream car, something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. For some people, a car is a car and they can always get another one, but others would go to the end of the Earth to keep their car safe.

Weather is one of the few things that we can't control when it comes to damage to one's car as most other things are within your power. Extreme weather like snow, thunder and lightning, hail, and natural disasters can cause significant damage to your vehicle, but many people don't talk about the effects of water. Water can seriously damage your vehicle if it sits for too long, like it would if your car was stuck and submerged in a flood. This Ohio man must've known as he took all the chances and moved his car to keep it safe during a flood.

Waste drainage systems are connected throughout the city as the underground sewage pipes filter all of the waste to the proper location. Sometimes, materials such as paper, trash, sticks, leaves, and other mess will be swept into the system by water, causing clogs to occur. When the clogs are taken care of within a reasonable time, things are okay but sometimes those clogs create bigger issues.

Those clogs can cause malfunctions to occur within the system and may cause some of those drains to overflow. This happens all over the country and can pose problems for individuals who are touched, their property, or their vehicles. The large amounts of waste, especially the water can begin to spread everywhere, damaging everything in the way. This happened in Cincinnati, Ohio and one man did what had to be done to minimize the damage to his car.

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As you can see in the video above, he trudged his way through all of the sewage that had made its way above ground. The water was rising at a significant pace as it was already almost to the bottom of his car door. He quickly whips the door open and jumps in before throwing the car in gear. He managed to turn around without damaging the car or sinking further and moved his car to safety.

Some people weren't so lucky as their vehicles were already submerged or were left in harm's way while the sewage continued to flow out. What would you have done in this situation?


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