The housing market has been going up and down at an inconsistent pace since the beginning of its time. For years, the market can be in a great space, where homes are valued reasonably priced and prospective homeowners are attending open houses. Other times, the market can be sky high where many people are clinging to their wallets trying to hold out for a market crash and current homeowners are choosing to stay put. There are no consistent trends, just an ever-changing market that leaves some people without.

Recently, the housing market hasn't been good to anyone, as the prices have followed the trends of inflation that the rest of the products in the world have seen, making prices sky high and many houses are remaining for sale for longer periods. Even with all of this being the case, many people were able to save money during the pandemic and are looking to buy, while others are looking to sell and move away. One of the best states to be looking to buy or sell a home right now is Ohio.

The study conducted by real estate experts at Agent Advice analyzed the latest Zillow data, which showed the average number of days it took for an offer to be accepted on a home in each state and the average number of days it took to close the sale.

Rounding out the top five is Ohio, which follows closely behind with an average of 66.83 days to sell a home from start to finish. It takes 32.76 days on average for an offer to be accepted and another 34.06 days on average to close the sale. Although Ohio has managed to do well in these metrics, they were not able to beat out Indiana which was number 1, Michigan which was number 3, or Wisconsin and Virginia which were number 2 and 4 respectively.

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