Just over 2 months ago, Rite Aid announced that they would be closing store locations across America as they try to fight their losses. They quoted a rise in prices for not only medications but goods alongside the rising theft concerns being the main reasons for their closures across the country. They announced that they would be closing hundreds of locations but have since come back and added to this list.

Not every state was affected by the initial ring of closures that swept through and those states have remained safe this time around as well.  As for the states that were already on that list, some were able to avoid the latest round of bad news while others had to prepare for more worried and upset customers. Ohio is one of the few states that has had their list of closing locations added to within the last couple of weeks.

When first announced and reported, Ohio knew that it had a lengthy list of Rite Aid locations within the state and was bound to be on the list. They were as they had several of their locations listed and set to close before the end of 2024. The first announcement had 9 Rite Aid locations across the Buckeye state set to close and now more are shuttering their doors.

Another announcement within the last few weeks has placed more Rite Aid locations in the ending days. Rite Aid only added 10 total stores to the list that was already well above 100 and 2 of those stores are in Ohio. They will be closing one store that is in Lorain and the other is in Middlefield. Below is a list of all of the Rite Aid locations in Ohio that will be closing:

  • Bellefontaine: 230 South Main St.
  • Canton: 4332 Cleveland Ave., NW
  • Chardon: 401 Water St.
  • Dayton: 146 Woodman Dr.
  • Lorain: 2709 Broadway Avenue
  • Massillon: 3129 Lincoln Way East
  • Middlefield: 15596 West High Street
  • New Carlisle: 120 South Main St.
  • Springfield: 401 West North St.
  • Toledo: 5033 Suder Ave.
  • Youngstown: 2701 Market St.

The bolded cities and addresses are the new locations that weren't previously on the list. In total, Ohio will have 11 Rite Aid locations closing in 2024 and there is a chance that there will be more announced before the year is over. If you're a customer of one of these locations then you should either find a new Rite Aid location close by or find a new pharmacy and store to purchase from.

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